Then & Now

The Mecom Family has been a part of the state of Texas’ history for over two hundred years. Born and raised here in Texas, we have always strived to be true to our Texas roots! We consider them our most valuable family asset.



The journey begins with Harvey Mercer Mecom, father to John W. Mecom Sr. Going back as far as the early 1870’s he purchased the brand that tells our family story up until the present day. This brand, the Bar Nothing, has been used to represent all of our endeavors, from ranching to retail.

As a young man Harvey Mecom was able to secure the job of constructing the shell roads that served the great Spindletop oilfield. John Mecom, the only child of Harvey and Louise Mecom grew up with the belief that he was going to make his own way in the Oil and Gas Industry. Borrowing $700.00 from his mother he set out to create his own fortune. From the early 1930’s to the 1980’s he amassed a fortune in Texas Oil and Gas properties.



Lannie Mecom is the daughter of John W. Mecom Sr. and the granddaughter of Harvey Mecom. Growing up with this family heritage Lannie Mecom was given a valued connection with the historical Texas Oil & Gas Industry. She is carrying on this legacy with the same intensity that made her past family history so successful.

We at Lannie Mecom Royalty continue to operate from those beginnings! We are always interested to hear from you about your Texas royalties, no matter how large or how small! Please feel free to contact any of us at Lannie Mecom Royalty.

Lannie Mecom pictured with her grandchildren.

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