Texas Heritage

Lannie Mecom Royalty, LLC is a family owned and operated company, in the state of Texas. Lannie Mecom Royalty, LLC is actively focused on purchasing a variety of both leased and unleased mineral rights, royalty interests, and nonparticipating royalty interest in Texas. Lannie Mecom continues the family legacy with her daughters, by protecting these assets and keeping them in the hands of American private citizens. She realizes that these unique property rights that we have in this country are sacred and should be taken seriously and not just auctioned off to the highest bidder. Lannie’s mission is to give mineral owners the ability to liquidate a traditionally illiquid asset by way of transparent and honest process. She will achieve this by dealing with real Texas Landowners rather than a mineral buying firm backed by private equity and foreign investment money. Mineral owners who sell to Lannie Mecom Royalty can rest assured that they are not dishonoring the wishes of their ancestors by selling off land to a family stranger. If you are looking to take your “money out of the ground”, consider selling your royalty interests to the Lannie Mecom family, a native Texas family.

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Let Lannie Mecom Royalty work with you in preserving your Texas properties. Consider Lannie Mecom Royalty the next home for your unleased mineral rights, royalty interests and non-participating royalty interest. Reach out to us with any questions. Let us hear from you.